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When to Carry Out a Broadband Speed Test

For many internet users, the two main factors to take into account when looking for a new broadband supplier are money and speed. While some consumers may be seduced by lower monthly charges, the majority are looking to find a happy compromise between cheaper costs and faster downloads.

Until very recently, it had been much easier to check prices via comparison sites but judging whether you have accurate speeds was trickier, particularly if there is a possibility that some suppliers can exaggerate just how fast their connection is.

The good news however is that you can now judge this accurately thanks to a completely independent broadband speed test. Implementing the test is very straightforward and in the initial stage, you just input the postcode at your home or office, depending on where the broadband is going to be supplied to.

Having done this, the broadband speed test should then detect which supplier you are using and if it doesn't do this automatically, you can choose from a drop down menu provided. Once that's been carried out your broadband speed test is complete and you just need to wait for the final results.

The time in which this takes will vary depending on your speed but the whole process usually takes less than a minute. The results then come by way of a bar chart which shows your existing speed in comparison to others that are available in your area.

The test also combines the two key elements of speed and cost and the list will also show the monthly charges made by each individual supplier.

You can even switch straight away if your current contract is up but if you need to wait a while, you can have the results e-mailed to you so that you can make your decision whether to change providers at a later date.

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